A super simple app to help small business owners to get orders via WhatsApp

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A brick and mortar store is all good but sometimes all you need is just an app to sell your products.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? A small business owner? Forced to close your shop during COVID-19 curfews? Unable to run your business during prolonged lockdowns? You notice there is a surge in online businesses during this pandemic but have no idea how to take your own business online? Consider yourself lucky and keep reading …

We can help you to take your offline business online.

We have created an app to help small business owners like you to reach customers online and get orders.

Our app will connect you with your potential customers by simplifying the seemingly cumbersome process of buying things online.

For starters, there’s no such thing called user registration in our app.

Whenever a customer makes an order, our app will send that order to your WhatsApp. As simple as it is.

Unlike the WhatsApp sales groups you love to hate, phone number of your customer will not be exposed to the other customers, or worst, to your competitors.

Send occasional push notifications about sales, deals, discounts, and new arrivals to your customers.

Getting an app will cost you only a small fraction of time and money you would otherwise spend for designing, developing, and hosting a website to sell your products.

Pay once and done. No subscription. No recurring fees.

Sounds cool? Is this something you need? There’s much more.

Let’s talk.

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